The heart of this project is MISIFÚ.
She dreams with a world where there is no rush, and people have time to look around and enjoy the little things.
And that’s why she always tries to respect the natural rhythm of life.

She enjoys TRAVELLING and LEARNING new things, anywhere she goes she meets new people and makes new friends, she discovers new places and tastes different flavors.

The world is full of beautiful things to see!

Su mascota es TIGER, un gran gato atigrado. Es muy sabio, le enseña a Misifú a cuidar de la NATURALEZA, a respetar nuestro planeta , siempre dice » con que cada uno de nosotros haga el bien, ya estamos un pasito más cerca de conseguir un mundo mejor »

Misifú enjoys drawing and creating cheerful and funny things full of fantasy and color.

One day, Misifú and Tiger decided to start a project and share it with the world: she would create beautiful things and Tiger would teach people how to take better care of planet Earth.

We hope you like it!