We live in a wonderful world. The Earth is beautiful, and Nature is wise.

Sometimes we drown ourselves in such a hectic style of life that we forget to stop
and appreciate the beauty around us.

The act of buying clothes has lost its magic. We live in a consumer society where most things tend to lose their value.

Fashion is produced so fast that new ad campaigns pop up every second,

and we don’t realize we are damaging our planet.
Nature pays the price of our consumerism.

Since big changes begin with small steps, in Misifú Kids we wanted to do our part to help the environment and that’s why we chose SLOW FASHION, also known as sustainable fashion.
We respect the natural rhythm of life.

We make beautiful things without expiration date 🙂

And favor organic fabrics because their production process does not harm the environment.

Our message is clear #chooseorganic and quoting Michael Jackson’s hit: #healtheworld