Bienvenidos a MISIFÚ KIDS

Slowly but surely and with a lot of enthusiasm we have created a brand that supports Slow Fashion,

also known as sustainable fashion. Our approach is very different from the norm: no campaigns,

ni temporadas, sin prisas, ya que pensamos que devalúan el producto. Elegimos el ritmo natural, intentando

prove that well-crafted items are worth the effort and the wait.

Our company supports local craftsmen and artisans that are real survivors of

this hectic consumer era. Our clothes are made using organic fabrics, not only for their quality but

because their production process does not harm the environment.

We produce ethical, organic, handmade fashion to make our planet happy.

We hope you like it 🙂

Handmade traditional espadrilles
with fun Misifú prints 🙂

Clothes made of organic cotton
with colorful patterns for hipster kids.